Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What You Need to Know About Senior Fraud! - A Workshop for Seniors

The City of Arcadia Recreation & Community Services Department in partnership with the Arcadia Police Department is offering a workshop for seniors on ways to protect themselves from becoming a victim of fraud. An old scam that preys primarily on the elderly, sometimes called the “Grandparent Scam”, has found it way back to the area. In recent weeks, the Arcadia Police Department has taken a couple of reports on this type of scam, one of which involved an actual loss of money. Don’t become the next victim! Sergeant Davis from the Arcadia Police Department will be talking to seniors on ways to protect themselves.

Consumers lose billions of dollars each year to fraud. People over age 50 are especially vulnerable and account for over half of all victims, according to a study conducted by American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). People who commit these types of crimes, “con criminals,” often target older people knowing they have spent a lifetime earning their savings. Con criminals go wherever they can to find money to steal. They use everyday tools—the mailbox, the telephone, the Internet—to reach into your pocketbook. You can help educate your friends, parents, and others by becoming familiar with some of the more common scams and how they operate. Then share that information with others.

The workshop will inform you on what to do if you have questions on how to handle a situation and also give you tips on what to do if an unfamiliar person approaches you at home. The workshop will be held at the Arcadia Community Center, 365 Campus Drive, Arcadia, CA 91007 on Tuesday, December 7th at 10am. Don’t miss this event….Very important information will be provided!

For more information or to register, please call Arcadia Senior Services at 626.574.5130.

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