Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Tip - Walk to School Month

October is International Walk to School Month.  Ask your local school if they are participating in this great event.  Why walk to school?
  • Encourage physical activity by teaching children the skills to walk safely, how to identify safe routes to school, and the benefits of walking.
  • Raise concern for and awareness of the environment, your neighborhood, and your health.
  • Reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and speed near schools.
  • Share time with your family, friends, and neighbors.
California's Walk to School Week is October 4-8, 2010 and Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 6, 2010.  Save the date, schedule the time, and walk your children to school on the 6th!

Friday, September 24, 2010

ACTION Emergency Preparedness and Crime Prevention Workshop

From 8 am to noon on Saturday, October 9, 2010, the City of Arcadia will host a free Emergency Preparedness and Crime Prevention Workshop at the Arcadia Public Library.  Learn what to do in the event of a disaster and how to survive on your own until help arrives.  Get tips on preparing an emergency plan and building a survival kit.  Determine what may need to be done for those with special needs.  Learn crime preventions techniques to protect you, your family, and your property.  Find out how to use a fire extinguisher and turn off your utilities in an emergency.  What are the current trends in identitiy theft and how can you keep from becoming a victim?  What is the best way to keep your home safe during the holidays or while away on vacation?  Attend this event and get the answers!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Non-Injury Rollover Collision

An Arcadia resident is lucky to be walking away from this collision that occurred yesterday, September 22, 2010.  The solo vehicle collision occurred at about 6:30 am on Longden Avenue at Lee Avenue.  The driver leaned over to retrieve some property in the vehicle and veered to the right at the same time.  The vehicle struck the curb and a palm tree, causing the vehicle to roll over and come to rest upside down.  The driver was not injured, was wearing a seat belt, and walked away.  You would expect speed to be a factor at this scene, but that was not the case.  This type of collision can occur even obeying speed limits in residential areas.  Please keep your attention on driving and always wear your seat belt!

A "Thank You" to Police Worldwide

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Counterfeit $20's Don't Fool a Young Vendor

A 19-year-old man from Westminster was arrested last Saturday evening, September 11, 2010, after being found in possession of counterfeit $20 bills. The suspect was attending the Greek Festival at the Santa Anita Race Track and used the counterfeit bills to make small purchases from a festival booth. An alert 12-year-old in the booth thought that the bills were counterfeit and told one of the accompanying adults working at the booth. Track security was alerted and detained the suspect, still at the festival. Officers found 17 counterfeit bills in the possession of the suspect and a number of counterfeit bills were also recovered from vendors who had not yet discovered the fake currency. Joel Apodaca was arrested and booked at the Arcadia City Jail. At the time of his arrest, Apodaca was also in possession of over $100 in legitimate currency which is believed to have been given to him in change during the transactions.

Weekly Activity Highlights for September 12-18, 2010

Weekly Tip - Asian Business Extortions

The Pasadena Star News recently ran an article, Extortion targeting Asian business owners mimic 2009 incidents, that reminds our community of a very real threat. Like many other agencies nationwide, Arcadia has also seen reports of attempted extortion to Asian business owners here in town. To date, there has been no actual loss reported the Department. The majority of reports are similar in nature; the victim may be picked at random based on a phone book entry for their business. The suspects utilize phone services such as Skype, via the Internet, and are able to make their calls appear to be local to the area code, even though the calls have been shown to originate overseas. The suspect will demand payment and make threats to the business victim.

The Arcadia Police Department wishes to make members of our community aware of these potential scams in hope that we help prevent future crimes. Per the PSN article, this type of crime appears to again be appearing in the San Gabriel Valley. Should you or your business receive such threats or calls, please call your local police department and report the incident.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Residential Burglary Arrest

Edward Leroy Jones, 46 years old from Pasadena, was arrested by Arcadia Police Department Detectives on September 10, 2010 and was booked at the Arcadia City Jail on multiple felony counts of residential burglary. Jones is currently being held on $500,000 bail in the Los Angeles County Jail.

In mid-August, West Covina Police Department Detectives received confirmation that Jones was identified through DNA analysis from evidence collected at the scene of a residential hot-prowl burglary committed in West Covina in April 2010. WCPD Detectives located Jones and took him into custody for burglary on August 13, 2010, recovering some items of jewelry in the process. Jones bonded out shortly thereafter.

During their investigation, WCPD Detectives became aware that Jones may also be responsible for residential burglaries having been committed in the City of Arcadia and contacted APD. On September 10, 2010, Arcadia Detectives served a search warrant at Jones' residence and recovered stolen property from several burglaries in the City of Arcadia. APD Detectives also found information leading them to a storage unit used by Jones in the City of Pasadena. While serving a search warrant later that same day at the storage unit, Jones was located and found removing property from the unit. Jones was taken into custody by APD Detectives without incident. Additional stolen property was found at the storage unit and in the suspect's vehicle.

Through the combined investigation, interviews, and recovered stolen property, Detectives believe that Jones is responsible for at least 6 residential burglaries over the course of the last four-five months. Detectives continue to work with victims in identifying and returning property to the rightful owners. The majority of recovered stolen property included jewelry, electronics, and Asian collectibles. Great teamwork and cooperation between Detectives at both the West Covina and Arcadia Police Departments.

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Child Passenger Safety Week!

The week of September 19-25, 2010, is Child Passenger Safety Week in California. This week serves as a reminder to parents and everyone who transports kids to make sure that they are properly fitted for their car/booster seats and seat belts. Visit the Safe Kids USA website for tips and important information on child passenger safety! Safe Kids USA also has a link so that you can find local car seat check-up events in your area.

The California Office of Traffic Safety offers a unique opportunity to communicate with the State Coordinator for Child Passenger Safety Training, Donna Black, and ask questions of Donna right on their Facebook page. If you have a question about car seat installation and proper fitting, visit the OTS fan page.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekly Activity Highlights for September 5-11, 2010

Weekly Tip - Internet Safety and Your Family

The National Crime Prevention Council website offers some great tips on keeping not only yourself, but your family and kids safe on the Internet. Below are some quick links to tip information:

And, HERE is a recent article that ran on, "Spy software? 10 other ways to keep your socially-networked kids safe." The article gives some good insight into what you can do as a parent without spending the money on software.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arcadia Elks Honor Local Emergency Service Personnel

The Arcadia Elks Lodge 2025 honored local police, fire, sheriff, and CHP personnel at their annual appreciation luncheon last Wednesday, September 8, 2010. We wanted to take a moment and thank the members of Lodge 2025 for the honor and the luncheon. This is a great event that has been a long standing tradition for our local Arcadia Elks. Thanks again from the men and women of APD.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Will Never Forget

Today is the ninth anniversary of the attacks on our Country that took place on September 11, 2001. Please take a moment to remember all those that lost their lives, suffered, or endured tragedy on that day. We will never forget!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekly Tip - Motorcycle Safety & Licensing

Summer time, gas prices, both are reasons why many people turn to a motorcycle for their daily commute. Motorcycles can save time and fuel cost, but without proper training and practice, the rider can be much more prone to becoming involved in a collision compared to driving a car. California law requires that a motorcycle rider obtain a Class M1 endorsement on their license. The test is fairly simple and with a minimum of studying and practice, a rider can pass the tests. However, that is NOT enough.

Prior to straddling a motor and hitting the streets or freeways, motorcycle riders need to understand their bikes, know their capabilities as a rider and what to look for and expect while riding. To accomplish this, the rider needs to practice, study and hopefully take a safety course. Learning from other's mistakes and taking advantage of the advice from an experienced rider can save your life.

Here are some links to information resources and rider classes;

California Motorcycle Safety Program

•National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

•Motorcycle Safety

Web Bike World

Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. Sac - Local Safety Classes)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arcadia Officers Arrest a Wanted Bank Robber

Incident: Attempted Bank Robbery/Arrest

Date and Time of Release: September 2, 2010

Location: Citibank, 100 S. First Ave

On September 2, 2010 at approximately 1100 AM, Officers from the Arcadia Police Department responded to a robbery alarm at Citibank. As Officers were responding to the alarm, APD Dispatch advised that a possible attempted robbery had just occurred.

Officers conducting an area check located a possible suspect who was detained. Investigation by Officers on the scene revealed that the person being detained was possibly the suspect of the attempted robbery and he was subsequently arrested.

Detectives from the Arcadia Police Department are currently investigating the possibility that the suspect arrested today may be responsible for a bank robbery that occurred on August 17, 2010 in Arcadia.

This incident is currently being investigated by the Arcadia Police Department Detective Bureau. Any information please contact APD Detectives at (626)574-5160.

Arrested Suspect: Homan Zhang, 24 years old, from Arcadia.

Robert P. Sanderson, Chief of Police

By: Sergeant Dan Crowther
Refer Case #10-4661

APD captures car thief after pursuit and standoff

Date Release: Thursday, September 2, 2010 (10:30 p.m.)

Incident: Pursuit & Barricaded suspect

Case # 10-4664

Suspect: Ronnie Wilson 26 Years Old
Male from Los Angeles
Custody Status: Arcadia PD Jail with No Bail

For Immediate Release:

On Thursday September 2, 2010 at approximately 1:30PM, and Arcadia Police Officer observed the suspect driving a 1997 Lexus in the area of Santa Clara Avenue and Santa Anita Avenue. A records check on the vehicle’s license plate indicated that the Lexus was reported stolen out of the city of Los Angeles.

The officer attempted to stop the stolen car, but the suspect attempted to evade the officer by running stop signs and accelerating away from the pursuing officer. The suspect drove east into the city of Monrovia where he abandoned the stolen vehicle in the area of Fig Street and Central Avenue. Arcadia and Monrovia officers quickly locked down the area preventing the suspect’s escape. A Monrovia resident contacted Arcadia Police officers and told them an unknown suspect broke into his home and was hiding inside the residence.

Arcadia SWAT was alerted and responded to the Monrovia home to handle the now barricaded suspect. Arcadia SWAT, along with members of Pasadena PD SWAT, spent 4½ hours handling the tactical situation that resulted in the apprehension of the suspect Wilson inside of the Monrovia home. Wilson was taken into custody without incident.

For any additional information or inquiries, please call the Arcadia Police Department at: (626)574-5150

Robert P. Sanderson
Chief of Police

By: Lieutenant Paul Foley
Watch Commander

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly Tip - School Bus Red Lights

School buses are equipped with flashing red lights that are activated when loading or unloading pupils. California law requires that drivers approaching from either side of the bus, must stop and remain stopped while the red lights and stop arms are activated. The only exceptions to the law come into play when the bus is stopped on a roadway with multiple lanes and a divided highway or a raised center divider. If you are approaching from the opposite direction and on the opposite side of the road from the bus, you may proceed. This section, CVC 22454, also applies to private roads.

This law was created for the safety of our students. It is imperative that drivers yield and stop for buses with red lights on. School bus drivers are required to assist pupils when crossing in front of the bus and may appear at any time. Be aware of pedestrians and watch our for darting kids!