Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Weekly Tip - Drop! Cover! Hold On!

Are you prepared for the next big earthquake?  Tomorrow, Thursday, October 19, 2017, at 10:19 am, millions of people will join in the annual Great California ShakeOut, bringing awareness to a very real threat to California.  Preparedness and knowledge are the keys to surviving during and after a significant earthquake.

Remember, if an earthquake strikes us today - Drop!  Cover!  And, Hold On!

•DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!),

•Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and

•HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.

Follow #LAQuake on Twitter for earthquakes occurring in the greater LA area. As focus shifts to a local area or quake name, more specific hashtags may become relevant.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Weekly Tip - Stay Informed About Police Activity in Your Neighborhood!

Our Officers are often asked, "Why were there police cars on my street yesterday?" Did you know you can take a proactive approach to crime prevention by becoming aware of crime trends and police activity in your neighborhood? The Arcadia Police Department provides the community with daily updates detailing crimes occurring within our jurisdiction through the service You can access the website at any time, or you can subscribe to daily email alerts, delivering a synopsis of activity directly to your email in-box. Community members are the first step in crime prevention and this type of information will give you the advantage in knowing what to watch for. Sign-up for daily updates HERE.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Weekly Tip - Own a Safe? Bolt It Down!

Safes of all sizes have become readily available for use at home. Whether you are looking to safeguard valuables, weapons, or paperwork, there are many factors to consider when choosing the type of safe your will purchase. Take the time to research this information before you shop!

Once you have the safe, you need to properly secure it in your home. Most safes are designed to be bolted down to floors, heavy duty shelves, or some stationary object like a wall stud. It is important to secure the safe in order to discourage removal from the location. Just like your home, you want to harden the target and make it as difficult to open or remove as possible. Unfortunately, our officers have taken burglary reports where home safes have simply been lifted up, easily removed, and then taken from the location by the thieves.

An online search will reveal many companies offering constructive suggestions and instruction on how to secure a safe within your home or business. Tips on selecting a location can also be found. Bottom line...if you invest in a safe, take the steps necessary to properly secure it in your home!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Weekly Tip - Stay Safe When Buying or Selling Using Mobile Apps and the Internet

Buying and selling items on the Internet has become popular and easy to do with the abundance of mobile apps available today. APD recently designated an Internet Exchange "MeetUp" spot in our station parking lot. The lot has video surveillance and is adjacent to the police station in the south west corner of the parking lot. Our staff does not specifically monitor the camera feed, but like all our feeds, it is view-able live and is recorded. Officers will not mediate or participate in exchanges, but will respond if needed for criminal or suspicious activity.

Here are some tips for conducting a safe Internet exchange:

  • Arrange for the exchange during daylight hours.
  • Always meet in a visible, public area, preferably with recorded surveillance.
  • Avoid transactions at your home and NEVER allow strangers into your home.
  • Know the value of items being bought or sold. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Bring a friend along.
  • Tell someone else where you will be and how long you are expected to be there.
  • If the person is not will to meet at the police station, the transaction probably was not meant to be!