Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving on Up!

Two of Arcadia's finest took their ceremonial oath of office and received new badges last Tuesday, July 27, 2010. The ceremony was held in the Arcadia Council Chambers. Detective Dan Crowther was sworn in as our newest Sergeant. Dan's promotion takes effect on August 1st. A newer face to the ranks present was that of Officer Ken Lee who recently completed his field training. Ken also took his oath of office and received his Police Officer badge in the ceremony.

You may recognize Sergeant Crowther from a recent post detailing his 2009 Officer of the Year Award. Dan has been with the Arcadia Police Department since 1991, starting out as a Cadet and then becoming an Officer in 1994. Dan has worked as a Detective since 2004, working the gang desk and most recently, investigating crimes against persons for the last 3 years.

Officer Ken Lee was hired in March of this year. Prior to coming to Arcadia, Ken served as a Deputy Sheriff for San Bernardino County for 5 years working in the SBSO jails. Ken was motivated to work in Arcadia for many reasons but one sits high on the list: his maternal grandfather, Kenneth Rogers, was also an Arcadia Police Officer from 1945-1963.

Congratulations to both Sergeant Dan Crowther and to Officer Ken Lee! (Pictured above are L-R, City Clerk Jim Barrows, Sergeant Dan Crowther, and Officer Ken Lee)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Strong Arm Robbery Last Night

A female victim in her 60's was loading items into her vehicle trunk last night at about 9:00 pm when an unknown male suspect grabbed her purse from her arm and made off with it. The suspect fled in a 4-door vehicle, possibly grey in color. The crime occurred Tuesday night, in the "99 Ranch Market" shopping center parking lot, 1300 block of South Golden West Avenue. There is no further information on the suspect or suspect vehicle at this time.
This type of crime serves to remind us all of the importance to be aware of your surroundings and who or what is around you. If you are shopping alone, consider accepting the offer from store staff to "help you with your groceries" if asked. If you see anyone suspicious, walk back into the store and immediately report what you observe to store staff and ask them to call the police.
Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call APD Detectives at (626) 574-5160.

Weekly Activity Highlights for July 18-24, 2010

Foothill Unity Center, "Back to School Event"

The Foothill Unity Center is conducting their annual "Back to School" event coming up on August 19, 2010, at the Santa Anita Race Track. In preparation for the event, the Arcadia Police Department has placed a collection bin in the police station lobby through August 6th. The Foothill Unity Center is asking that donations of school supplies be made in order to help local low-income kids prepare for school. In addition to the usual school supplies like pencils, glue sticks, backpacks, lunch boxes, pens, and more, clothing suitable for school age kids is also being sought. For additional information, contact Raina Martinez, Foothill Unity Center, at (626) 358-3486. Donations may also be made at their Monrovia facility located at 415 West Chestnut, Monrovia.

Weekly Tip - Tailgating

Following Too Closely is the technical term for Tailgating. Unfortunately, this is a term that is all too often used in collision reports as the “Primary Collision Factor”. Maintaining distance between vehicles while driving is one main key in preventing collisions. Even the best driver, with great reaction time, still takes a moment to perceive the need to slow or stop, and then apply the vehicle brakes.

Increasing following distance between vehicles increases our ability to perceive a problem, apply brakes if needed or take some other evasive action. Time and distance is your friend when it comes to speed. As a young driver, you are taught about the Three Second Rule. Sometimes we forget this one important piece of advice. But maintaining a following distance of three seconds between vehicles will definitely increase your ability to avoid a rear end collision. An alternate recommendation is to maintain a following distance of one car length per 10 mph while driving. So, if you are driving 65 mph on the freeway, you should be about 6-7 car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you.

Don’t be overconfident, either in your ability as a driver or in your vehicle. Remember these basic rules and greatly increase your chance to avoid a collision. Think about this; tailgating the car in front of you is not going to "push" them out of the way or down the road. Your disregard for safe following distance will only increase your chances of causing a collision. Take a breath, take your time and we'll all get there in one piece.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funeral Services Scheduled for Mike Daleo

Reserve Police Officer and Crime Analyst Mike Daleo passed away last Saturday after a short battle with cancer. Mike was 67 years old and has been with the Arcadia Police Department as a Reserve since 1976. After retiring from a long and successful career at Pac Bell in 1994, Mike was hired by the Department as a Crime Analyst, establishing the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU). Mike was not only well respected and liked by co-workers but was highly respected and his services sought after by other police agencies throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Some of the fondest memories that we at APD have of Mike are on the golf course and in the bowling alley. Mike never missed a chance to play in a charity tournament or a round of golf with his partners from the Department. You always wanted Mike on your foursome because his drives were straight and always on the fairway!

Mike is survived by a loving family including his wife Marilyn, their son Tim and daughter-in-law Tiffany, daughter Jennifer and husband TJ Forman, step-grandchildren Lindy and Colton, and grandson Nolan Michael.

All funeral services will be held at Rose Hills Memorial Park, 3888 Workman Mill Road, Whittier, CA 90601 (Enter Gate 1). The services are as follows:

Viewing & Visitation
Thursday, July 29, 2010
5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Rose Hills Mortuary

Friday, July 30, 2010
1:00 pm
Rose Hills, Sky Rose Chapel

There will be an interment and graveside service immediately following the service.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Arcadia Police Officers' Association, P.O. Box 660703, Arcadia, CA 91066-0703.

All active duty sworn and civilian Arcadia Police personnel are requested to wear Class "A" uniform and black band.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sad Loss for the APD Family

The Arcadia Police Department family lost a good friend and co-worker in a short but harsh battle with cancer. Long-time Police Reserve Officer and current Crime Analyst Mike Daleo passed away early today, July 24, 2010. Mike died in his sleep with his wife at his side. Funeral arrangements are pending. We ask that everyone keep the Daleo family in their thoughts and prayers just as all of us at APD are doing. Farewell Mike, we will miss you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ruse Burglary - "Water & Power"

An elderly victim fell prey to a distraction, or ruse burglary on Tuesday afternoon, July 20th. The crime occurred at about 2:00 pm in the 300 block of Fairview Avenue. The resident was preparing to leave his home when he was approached by a male suspect who said that he was from the "Department of Water & Power" and that the water lines were contaminated. The suspect told the victim that he needed to check his water and asked to enter the victim's home. The victim then escorted the suspect into the house. During that time, the suspect was on and off a cellular phone and turned on the water in various rooms in the home. The suspect walked the resident into the back yard for several minutes and at one point, the resident saw another male walking in the resident's yard, in front of the home. The suspect then left the location saying that the resident would receive paperwork in the mail. The crime was discovered later in the day by another family member.

The suspect was described as a male, unknown race in his 40's, leathery tan skin, approximately 5' tall, weighing about 150 lbs, wearing a long sleeve blue shirt and grey slacks. The suspect had an identification card of some sort clipped to his shirt and possibly spoke with a "New York" accent. The second suspect was only described as a male. Loss in the crime consisted primarily of jewelry.

APD experienced a couple of similar burglaries earlier this year. See a previous post on the topic HERE. There is a composite drawing associated with a suspect from a previously reported burglary in that post. Suspect descriptions are similar, however, we do not have a sketch from the latest victim at this time.

Anytime someone approaches you or comes to your residence, obtain identification and confirm their identity. There are legitimate times when a City employee, gas, electric, telephone, or other service worker may require entrance to your exterior property. These persons should be in some form of uniform, have identification, and most likely a marked vehicle. Unless you placed the service call, do not allow anyone access to your home. If the person is suspicious or uncooperative, immediately call the police. Anyone with information should call APD Detectives at (626) 574-5160.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Tip - Quality of Life

Quality of life is important to all of us in our neighborhoods. In their work day, it is not uncommon to hear an APD Officer call in a “Field Observation” to report some form of nuisance, graffiti, abandoned property, shopping carts or other problem. Dispatchers will then make notification to the proper Department or resource to correct or remedy the issue.

We encourage our residents to use City services and resources that are made available to them. “Arcadia Advocacy” is a resource available on the City website that allows residents to report problems or concerns to City Staff via the web. Arcadia Advocacy improves accessibility and is a way for our residents to share information or ask questions that may not be readily addressed on our web pages. There are also several hot lines that a resident can take advantage of when reporting some of these issues:

Graffiti Hot Line (626) 821-4333
Abandoned Shopping Carts (800) 252-4613
Street Lights/Pot Holes (626) 256-6554
Code Enforcement (626) 574-5421

If you are not sure what Department will handle your request, City Hall can be reached at (626) 574-5400. For after hours, call APD Dispatch at (626) 574-5123. We will attempt to route your request to the proper resource.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Activity Highlights for July 11-17, 2010

On the Lighter Side - Lost a Bird?

We can classify this incident as one of those that you certainly don't see everyday! A local resident came to the police station last week to report finding a bird, hoping that perhaps the owner had reported the winged creature as missing. The resident rescued the bird after it flew into his apartment while being chased by a cat. The resident felt that the bird, a parrot, was domesticated and purchased a cage and food to maintain the guest until the owner could possibly be found. The bird was found near Live Oak Avenue and Sixth Avenue.

If you have recently had your bird fly the coop and feel that this bird may belong to your home, give APD a call at (626) 574-5160. Local Animal Control has not received local missing bird reports to date.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Arcadia County Park Pool Evacuated

Today at about 11:20 a.m., Arcadia Police responded to the Los Angeles County Park , located at 405 South Santa Anita Avenue, reference a chemical release into the public pool. Upon arrival, Officers found that the pool had already been evacuated by park staff. Paramedics arrived and set up a triage area. Thirty-two (32) children between the ages of 6 and 11 were treated/decontaminated as a result of chemical exposure. Seventeen (17) children were transported to local hospitals, although no serious injuries were reported. The remaining children were released to parents.

The incident occurred during a public swim session. Initial investigation indicates that an inordinate amount of chlorine was inadvertently released into the pool. The circumstances surrounding the chlorine release is under investigation.

Refer questions to Fire Department Public Information Officer Beth Stogner at (626) 574-5112.

In Remembrance of Arcadia Police Officer Albert E. Matthies

Today is the 83rd anniversary of the murder of Arcadia Police Officer Albert E. Matthies, the only Arcadia Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty. Officer Matthies was shot while detaining three young men near the intersection of Northview and Foothill in north Arcadia on July 18, 1927, shortly before midnight. Officer Matthies came upon the men inside a vehicle parked on Northview. Officer Matthies was unaware that the men were preparing to conduct a robbery at a business nearby. The rear seat passenger was Frank Miller. Miller pulled out a .45 cal handgun and shot at Matthies, striking him in the neck. Matthies later died from the gunshot wound at 12:07 AM on July 19, 1927.

Leo Bertolina, a friend of Matthies, was riding along that night in the police car. Bertolina was able to scramble away after being shot at and hit with flying glass from windows being struck by gunfire. Bertolina telephoned for additional police assistance. The trio of suspects got away that night but were later apprehended in Los Angeles within days. The three suspects were later convicted of the murder of Officer Matthies and sentenced to prison. The shooter died in prison. The two accomplices were later paroled and died shortly after release.

The murder of Officer Matthies is memorialized at the following locations:

•Plaque memorial at Foothill Blvd/Northview Ave, Arcadia CA. Northview Avenue has been co-named Albert Matthies Way in honor of Officer Matthies.
•Los Angeles County Peace Officers Memorial, Whittier CA
•California Peace Officers Memorial, Sacramento CA
•National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, Washington DC
Officer Down Memorial Page

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekly Activity Highlights for July 4-10, 2010

Sergeant Mike Gima Retires

Early July brought us the retirement of a longtime Arcadia Police Officer and U.S. Army Veteran, Sergeant Mike Gima. Mike began his career in 1968 as one of Arcadia's first Police Explorers and then entered military service in the Army. He became a Reserve Police Officer at APD in 1976 and then accepted a position as a full-time Police Officer in 1979 with the San Marino Police Department. Some 20 months later, Mike lateraled back to APD where he has served for his career. Mike has contributed greatly to the Department over the years having been very involved with the development of our field training program as well as a trainer in APD's Force Training Unit, specializing in firearms. Mike was promoted to Sergeant in 2005. Mike will be missed by his fellow employees. We wish him the best for a long and happy retirement after 34 years of service as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Weekly Tip - Yield on Left Turns

Officers respond on many collisions involving vehicles making left turns. The majority of the time, the driver of the turning vehicle is found to be at fault. On multiple lane roadways, like that of Santa Anita Avenue, south of Huntington Drive, drivers make turns across several lanes of traffic to enter an alley. This scenario plays out on many roadways where drivers must cross multiple lanes to enter a driveway, private property, or another roadway. When a driver is making a left turn on a roadway, the California Vehicle Code requires that the driver yield right of way to vehicles approaching from an opposite direction. Yielding right of way would include vehicles approaching in adjacent lanes to perhaps stopped traffic that is allowing you to turn.

In the above photo (courtesy Google Earth), you can see that there are four “lanes” of northbound traffic for a southbound vehicle turning left to cross; a left turn lane, two thru lanes and a parking/right turn only lane. A driver turning left must yield, lane by lane to oncoming traffic. There may be associated factors in a collision such as speed of other vehicles, but the primary fault in this type of collision most often rests with the turning driver.

Take your time, make sure each lane is clear and watch out for yourself while driving.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Auto Burglaries/Property Theft

Late last Friday night through Saturday, July 9-10, 2010, Officers responded to at least 8 reports of auto burglaries or thefts from vehicles. The crimes were committed primarily in the east part of town with four of the vehicles being unlocked. Three of the vehicles had windows smashed and in one case, the mode of entry was unknown. The property loss included Ipods, GPS units, and other miscellaneous items. The crimes occurred in the following areas:
  • 100 block California Street
  • 100 block El Dorado Street (2)
  • 300 block South Second Avenue
  • 1000-1200 blocks South Fifth Avenue (2)
  • 00 block West La Sierra Drive
  • 00 block Linda Rae Way

In one of the incidents, a male, possibly Hispanic with a shaved head, wearing a white shirt and tan shorts, carrying a flashlight, was seen running away from the area when a car alarm sounded. These crimes serve as a good reminder of the importance of keeping your property of value out or your car. Although several of these vehicles were broken into, it is also important to lock your car. Many times, if a thief tries to open a car door and it is locked, they will simply move on to another unless something in the vehicle catches their attention. See a previous post on auto burglary prevention tips HERE.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Early Morning Prowler Arrested

Lewis Erlenmyer, a 44-year old man from El Monte, was arrested at about 3:46 am this morning and booked at the Arcadia City Jail on charges of residential and vehicle burglary. Officers were called to the 1900-2000 block of Terra Lane after a resident looked out their window to see Erlenmyer, dressed in all black with gloves, walk on and off several residential properties. At one point, the resident saw the suspect carrying an object away after he had entered the property empty handed.

Officers arrived in the area and found Erlenmyer hiding beneath some construction equipment on a residential property on Terra Lane. Investigation revealed that a pick-up truck had been broken into where Erlenmyer had been seen by the witness. Additionally, evidence was found at the scene indicating that property had been taken from within the residence where Erlenmyer was detained and ultimately arrested. Property recovered included power tools and credit cards.

New Look for Patrol Units

Arcadia Police patrol units are being outfitted with new graphics (foreground) over the coming weeks. Many of the blue scheme logos had faded and were due for replacement so the timing was good for the switch. The new graphics are an easy to read and fairly simple grey and black color scheme.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crime Prevention Workshop for Seniors

Arcadia Senior Services and the Arcadia Police Department will be offering a Crime Prevention Workshop from 10 – 11 am, Thursday, July 8, at the Arcadia Community Center.

This important workshop will focus on key elements of crime prevention tips for senior citizens including personal safety, home safety and crime prevention.

For additional information please call the Arcadia Senior Services Department 626.574.5130.

Activity Highlights for June 27 - July 3, 2010

Crime Mapping Now Available from Arcadia Police


Arcadia Police Department Launches Crime Mapping

Contact: Lt. Bob Anderson July 7, 2010
(626) 574-5181

Arcadia, CA – The Arcadia Police Department announced that is has launched its latest crime fighting tool called Crime Mapping available on the police department web site. At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting Chief Robert Sanderson along with Lieutenant Bob Anderson unveiled the latest tool in a series of cyber outreaches to the community. Crime Mapping is an interactive web site that displays criminal information that the public can personalize to their neighborhood.

In addition to Crime Mapping, the police department has recently taken steps to strengthen policing efforts through the use of various on-line and social networking sites. The police department has created a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and the Arcadia Police Department News & Information Blog, all of which allow the community to remain informed and interact with the police department.

Additionally, in an effort to keep our community informed the Arcadia Police Department has also partnered with Nixle, which is an Arcadia community wire which allows our personnel to broadcast emergency alerts, pertinent information, and community notifications to our subscribers.

“Each of these services is designed to enhance the ability of our community to interact with the members of our police department on a level never experienced before,” Chief Sanderson says.

Links to these services can be found on the Arcadia Police Department home page at

Handgun Brandished After Fight

During evening hours last night, a large group of young adults had been playing basketball on the grounds at First Avenue Junior High, 301 S. First Avenue, when a fight broke out between two males. The fight was broken up by other players when one subject allegedly pulled out a pool cue, swinging it at the other subject.

Shortly before 9:00 pm, a 20-year old male who had been playing basketball and witnessed the fight was walking to his vehicle parked on Diamond Street. He was approached on the street and confronted by one of the fight participants who pulled out what the victim believed to be a black and silver handgun. The suspect did not point the weapon at the victim but held it as he verbally challenged the victim. The suspect ran to an awaiting SUV and fled. The victim was not injured.

The suspect was described as a male Asian, 18-20 years old, black hair, 5'-10"/155 lbs, baggy white t-shirt and blue basketball shorts. The suspect vehicle was described as a newer model grey SUV, possibly a Lexus or BMW, occupied by at least two other subjects.

Weekly Tip - Residential Burglary Prevention

Residential burglary prevention continues to be a focus of the Arcadia Police Department. Increased patrol presence, Investigators working surveillance, follow-up on leads/tips and recovered stolen property, all are pieces to a much larger puzzle when it comes to preventing residential burglaries and property crime. The most important piece to this puzzle is the resident. It is very important to discourage the would be thief and make their job as difficult, time consuming, and as noisy as possible. The Department posted a short article on burglary prevention on the APD website. Take a look HERE.

Here are a few quick tips to help keep your home safe:

•Close and lock your windows and doors! Thieves look for an easy target.
•Lock your garage door. Thefts from garages are common and it offers ready access to pry tools.
•Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed so that windows and doors are visible.
•Maintain your home and make it looked lived in. Arrange for care if you leave on vacation.
•Don't leave newspapers, mail and door hanger material in place. Put a stop on mail and paper delivery, even if only gone for a few days.
•Know your neighbors! Be familiar with cars, faces and who belongs in your neighborhood.
•Leave different lights on when you leave. Use timers when gone overnight.
•How about a radio with a talk show station tuned in when you are gone?
•Use window stops/pins to prevent windows and sliding doors from being opened.
•Maintain lists of account numbers, valuable item serial numbers and important phone numbers. Duplicate the list and maintain a copy elsewhere. Video or photo your belongings. This aids in property recovery as well as insurance replacement.
•Get an ALARM. Even simple alarms that are not connected to a central system are a deterrent.
•Ask and look for helpful tips. Your local police agency will usually offer home inspections and there are plenty of websites that offer prevention tips and ideas.
•Watch for and REPORT suspicious persons and activity. Most arrests that are made for burglary are not from a report by an alarm company, but rather from a local resident. If you see someone that does not belong in your neighborhood or on a neighbor's property, call the police.

If you return home and believe that your home has been burglarized, do not enter the home. Call the police and wait out front. Tell the Dispatcher of your observations and that you have not searched your home. Chances are that the burglar is gone, but you don't want to confront them if avoidable. Entering the home may also destroy certain types of evidence that Officers will be looking for.

Here are a couple of links to sites with prevention tips and information; Crime Doctor and the Burglary Prevention Council. You can also contact the APD Community Services Office at (626)574-5174.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Robbery Suspect Arrested

Terrell D. Huntsman, a 28 year old male from Altadena was arrested early Saturday morning, July 3, 2010, and was booked at the Arcadia City Jail for robbery. At about 12:30 am, a female was leaving a restaurant located in the 800 block of South Baldwin Avenue with some friends. The female victim entered a vehicle parked at the curb on Baldwin and was confronted by a male suspect who demanded her purse. The victim and suspect struggled over the purse as the suspect tried to pull it away from her, breaking the purse strap. The suspect then pulled out a "shotgun" and pointed it the victim. The victim complied and handed over the purse. The suspect then ran away on foot and was seen by a witness entering a dark colored SUV parked in a nearby business parking lot. The suspect left in the SUV via eastbound Huntington Drive. The victim was not injured during the confrontation.

An alert APD Officer found an SUV matching the suspect vehicle description parked in a business lot near Huntington Drive and First Avenue shortly after the robbery occurred. The Officer saw the butt of a "shotgun" behind the driver's seat in the SUV. Officers waited and at about 1:45 am, a male matching the robbery suspect description approached the SUV. The male, Huntsman, was detained at the scene, was positively identified by witness, and was arrested.

Officers recovered the weapon from the SUV and it was found to be an Airsoft weapon designed to resemble an actual shotgun. Property from the robbery was also found on Huntsman during the arrest.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

The men and women of the Arcadia Police Department wish you the best on this Independence Day 2010. Celebrate safely and remember that all fireworks are unlawful to possess or discharge in the City of Arcadia. HERE is a link to fireworks shows in Los Angeles County.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Arson Fire at Foothills Middle School

School staff arrived early Thursday morning, July 1st, to find remnants of a small arson fire on the basketball courts of Foothills Middle School located at 171 E. Sycamore Avenue. Suspects removed the soccer nets from the school field and set them on fire on the basketball courts using an accelerant. No buildings or structures were burned and there was minor damage to the asphalt.

Juveniles had reportedly been seen in the area during evening hours the night prior which is not uncommon for the school grounds. However, no suspect information was provided. The fields can be accessed from multiple points on surrounding streets, including the upper field off of Hillcrest on the Monrovia border. Anyone witnessing suspicious activity on the school grounds is asked to immediately call our Police Dispatch at (626) 574-5123.

Purse Snatch from Bus Bench

About 8:45 pm last night, a woman was sitting on a bus bench located at Huntington Drive and First Avenue. The woman was talking with another bus patron and she had placed her purse on the bench next to her. Four juveniles began loitering near the bus bench and suddenly two of the juveniles approached the woman from behind and grabbed her purse off the bench, running off through an adjacent gas station. The victim's purse was found about three blocks away shortly thereafter but cash and a wallet were missing.

The two juveniles were described as male teens, about 16-17 years old. One juvenile was a male Hispanic wearing a red shirt and the other was a male African American wearing an orange shirt. Both juveniles were carrying skateboards when they ran off.

If carrying a purse, remember to keep it close to you and preferably, carried tucked under an arm or in your grasp whenever possible. It is always best to help prevent crime before it happens by making yourself the least desirable target. As shown in this crime of opportunity, it only takes a moment for a thief to target your property.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Robbery at Ben Bridge

Two suspects were able to get away with an amount of jewelry Tuesday evening from the Ben Bridge Jewelers located in the Westfield Shoppingtown, 400 S. Baldwin Avenue. At about 8:00 pm, a male suspect entered the store and asked a sales clerk about appraisals. Shortly thereafter, a second suspect entered the store and both suspects walked behind display cases. A sales clerk confronted the pair at which time one of the suspects brandished a handgun and demanded keys to the display cases. The suspects were unsuccessful in unlocking the cases and then smashed several display cases open, grabbing jewelry from within. The suspects then fled from the store and were seen entering a white Dodge Charger with black paper plates. Neither clerk was injured in the robbery.

The suspects were described as male African-Americans, early 20's, tall and thin, one wearing a white button down long sleeve shirt, baggy jeans, a cream colored ball cap, and white tennis shoes. The second suspect was similarly dressed but wearing a dark jacket and dark colored tennis shoes.

Anyone with information on these suspect is asked to call APD Detectives at (626) 574-5160. Reference case #10-3497.