Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Handgun Brandished After Fight

During evening hours last night, a large group of young adults had been playing basketball on the grounds at First Avenue Junior High, 301 S. First Avenue, when a fight broke out between two males. The fight was broken up by other players when one subject allegedly pulled out a pool cue, swinging it at the other subject.

Shortly before 9:00 pm, a 20-year old male who had been playing basketball and witnessed the fight was walking to his vehicle parked on Diamond Street. He was approached on the street and confronted by one of the fight participants who pulled out what the victim believed to be a black and silver handgun. The suspect did not point the weapon at the victim but held it as he verbally challenged the victim. The suspect ran to an awaiting SUV and fled. The victim was not injured.

The suspect was described as a male Asian, 18-20 years old, black hair, 5'-10"/155 lbs, baggy white t-shirt and blue basketball shorts. The suspect vehicle was described as a newer model grey SUV, possibly a Lexus or BMW, occupied by at least two other subjects.

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