Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Auto Burglaries/Property Theft

Late last Friday night through Saturday, July 9-10, 2010, Officers responded to at least 8 reports of auto burglaries or thefts from vehicles. The crimes were committed primarily in the east part of town with four of the vehicles being unlocked. Three of the vehicles had windows smashed and in one case, the mode of entry was unknown. The property loss included Ipods, GPS units, and other miscellaneous items. The crimes occurred in the following areas:
  • 100 block California Street
  • 100 block El Dorado Street (2)
  • 300 block South Second Avenue
  • 1000-1200 blocks South Fifth Avenue (2)
  • 00 block West La Sierra Drive
  • 00 block Linda Rae Way

In one of the incidents, a male, possibly Hispanic with a shaved head, wearing a white shirt and tan shorts, carrying a flashlight, was seen running away from the area when a car alarm sounded. These crimes serve as a good reminder of the importance of keeping your property of value out or your car. Although several of these vehicles were broken into, it is also important to lock your car. Many times, if a thief tries to open a car door and it is locked, they will simply move on to another unless something in the vehicle catches their attention. See a previous post on auto burglary prevention tips HERE.

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