Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Residential Distraction Burglaries

Within the last month, we have had a couple reports of residential distraction burglaries occurring in the west end of town. A typical distraction burglary or theft will occur when one suspect engages the victim or resident in some form of activity to keep them busy. A second or third suspect will then commit the theft.

In these particular burglaries, the suspects claimed to be City or construction workers from the "water department." The suspects claimed that they needed to check the water at the residence and asked to enter. Upon entry, one of the suspects entered different rooms checking the water and the residents were kept occupied by the second suspect. The suspects communicated with hand-held radios. After a few minutes, the suspects said that they were done and left the residence. The victim later discovered that they have been burglarized. Loss has included money, jewelry, and other items to include a firearm.

The suspects have been described as possibly male Hispanics, about 40 years of age, average height, heavy set, dark skinned, and speaking with no accent. The suspects were not wearing uniform type clothing. Below is a composite of one of the suspects;

Anytime someone approaches you or comes to your residence, obtain identification and confirm their identity.  There are legitimate times when a City employee, gas, electric, telephone, or other service worker may require entrance to your exterior property.  These persons should be in some form of uniform and have identification.  Unless you placed the service call, do not allow anyone access to your home.  If the person is suspicious or uncooperative, immediately call the police.  Anyone with information should call APD Detectives at (626) 574-5160. 

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