Thursday, April 22, 2010

Commercial Checkpoint

Traffic Officers from the Arcadia Police Department assisted members of the California Highway Patrol in conducting a Commercial Vehicle Checkpoint yesterday.  The checkpoint was conducted during the morning hours in the south end of Arcadia..  The purpose of this type of checkpoint is to conduct spot checks on commercial vehicles travelling on our roadways.  The CHP regularly inspects commercial vehicles on the highways and during on-site visits to larger companies, but many vehicles on local roadways go without being regularly inspected.  Without regular inspections and maintenance, commercial vehicles pose a potential risk to all those on our roadways.

The following stats were reported by APD Officers at the checkpoint:
  • 45 commercial vehicles inspected.
  • 11 vehicles placed "out of service."
  • 5 vehicles towed for violations.
  • Combined, there were approximately 100 equipment violations noted on citations.

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