Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekly Tip - Asian Business Extortions

The Pasadena Star News recently ran an article, Extortion targeting Asian business owners mimic 2009 incidents, that reminds our community of a very real threat. Like many other agencies nationwide, Arcadia has also seen reports of attempted extortion to Asian business owners here in town. To date, there has been no actual loss reported the Department. The majority of reports are similar in nature; the victim may be picked at random based on a phone book entry for their business. The suspects utilize phone services such as Skype, via the Internet, and are able to make their calls appear to be local to the area code, even though the calls have been shown to originate overseas. The suspect will demand payment and make threats to the business victim.

The Arcadia Police Department wishes to make members of our community aware of these potential scams in hope that we help prevent future crimes. Per the PSN article, this type of crime appears to again be appearing in the San Gabriel Valley. Should you or your business receive such threats or calls, please call your local police department and report the incident.

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