Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arcadia PD On-Line Reporting System

The Arcadia Police Department's on-line reporting system is web based and available to any Windows PC user who has access to the internet (Sorry Mac users, we’re still working on getting you access). Access to the system is made through the City of Arcadia Police Department web site:

The intent of the system is to provide citizens the option of reporting low priority crimes that have no workable suspect information via the internet. The system is designed to benefit both the department and the citizen by reducing officer responses to these types of incidents and so the citizen may report an incident at their convenience.

The online reporting feature is designed to be an additional resource available to the public for the reporting of a number of low-grade crimes. The reporting system should not take the place of a police response to any number of scenarios, including but not limited to:

Emergencies (Dial 9-1-1)

In progress crimes (Dial 9-1-1)

Crimes where the suspect is known

Crimes where there appears to be evidence that could be collected.

All Traffic Collisions (Injury, non-injury, & Hit & Run)

Only the following crimes/reports can be reported on-line at this time:

1) Auto Burglary
2) Theft
3) Harassing or Annoying phone calls
4) Identity Theft
5) Lost/Stolen Property (NOT PASSPORTS)
6) Vandalism
7) Vehicle Tampering

Once an on-line report is submitted, the citizen will receive an automated response indicating that an On-Line incident number has been issued. A Police Department officer will review the on-line report and will either Accept of Reject the report.

When a report is ACCEPTED, a Police Case Number will be issued and the citizen will have that information emailed to their preferred email address. The email can be printed and referred to as an “Unofficial” police report. An “Official” copy of the report can be retrieved at the Arcadia Police Department by the individual who filed the on-line report or their insurance agency representative.

If a report is REJECTED, the citizen will receive the reasons why the report was rejected, along with instructions of what should be done regarding the on-line report. Usually, on-line reports are rejected for the following reasons:

The report does not fall under one of the 7 categories allowed for on-line reporting

The submitted report is lacking contact information for the reporting party
o Phone number(s)
o Email address
o Address
o Driver’s license or ID #
o Date of Birth

We hope that this on-line service provides an extra convenience for reporting incidents to the Arcadia Police Department and that you all find it useful.

Should you have any questions, feel free to call the Police Department non-emergency line at: (626)574-5151


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