Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Tip - Move Right for Sirens & Lights

This post ran a year ago, but is definitely worth another look!

CVC 21806 requires drivers to yield to authorized emergency vehicles. Police, Fire, Medics, and Forestry are the most common in our City, but any authorized emergency vehicle displaying at least a solid red light and a siren as needed, shall be yielded to on the road. What does this mean? The CVC is specific in saying that drivers shall not only yield, or in other words "get out of the way", but shall pull toward the right side of the road and stop. Hence the saying, "Move Right for Sirens and Lights".

- Don't panic!

- Don't stop in the middle of the road!

- Do pull to the right safely!

- Do remain stopped until the emergency vehicle has passed!

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