Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly Tip - Business & Commercial Safety

Don't think that banks and liquor stores have the market cornered on being victimized by robbery and other crimes. Any business, especially one that invites foot traffic is susceptible. And it is not just property crime or robbery that you should think about.  Consider work place violence and internal issues, as well. Here are some tips to help improve commercial and business security:

•Alarm systems are a must. Protect your property. Businesses are prime targets for burglary of commercial items and cash. Include interior motion or similar devices to help protect against cases of tunneling from adjacent businesses and rooftop entry.

•LOCK UP! All doors, windows and any roof or ladder access, as well.

•Video cameras! A decent quality video system is a huge bonus. Cost of these items has come down and they are more affordable. Overviews, entry doors/hallways, consider placing some just above eye level, as well. Consider an infrared system for night use.

•Security patrols that check locations at different times certainly deter burglary.

•Lock your seldom used entry doors. Many businesses that are open leave a back door unlocked, but not watched. Who else besides the occasional customer can come through that door. Don't be surprised, keep an eye on who is coming and going.

•Lighting! Exterior and interior when the business is closed is a good deterrent.

•Remove cash at night, leaving cash registers open.

•Daytime valuables? Lock your purse or other items of value in a desk. Don't leave them in plain site and invite theft. This goes for cell phones, PDA's, and laptops, too!

•First in or last out? Stay alert, know your surroundings and buddy up if you can.

•List your business with the police. Make sure an up-to-date contact form is completed for your business.

•Change alarm codes or safe combos when terminating employees. Make sure all keys are returned and in your possession. If not, change the locks.

•Start with employee hiring! Who are you entrusting with your shop, goods, and money to? What type of temperament does your new hire have? Do what you can as a background before hiring. Make some phone calls to those references, drive by and door knock their home, talk to them and their family, do an Internet search on the applicant, consider using a background service.

•Don't wait to call the police. Workplace violence is a real topic. If there are threats, high tension fights or arguments, or other events of concern, call the police. Don't wait until violence occurs.

•Query the topic on-line. Here is just one site with many security tips - Crime Doctor.

•Use tips offered in our previous Residential Burglary Prevention post as many are applicable to businesses.

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