Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arcadia's Battle of the Badges for Special Olympics

Arcadia Police and Firefighters gathered last night to battle it out on the basketball court at Arcadia High School.  The event was in support of Special Olympics Southern California and was orchestrated by Arcadia Police Department's School Resource Officer Wally Ashby.  Both the Arcadia Police Officers' Association and the Arcadia Firefighters' Association joined in and rallied together to make the event a success.  By evenings end, several hundred people gathered in the gym and donated about $2,200.00 to Special Olympics.  Although the APD team played tough, the Firefighters dominated the game, winning 80-53.

Everyone was treated during the half-time break to a 10 minute game between two of the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley Region Special Olympic teams.  These young athletes demonstrated the importance of maintaining and supporting the athletic programs and games of the Special Olympics.  The joy they expressed and the enthusiasm that they played with is inspiring to us all!

Arcadia High School students and staff played a key role in the success of the game, providing the venue, cheer squads for each team, and the pep-band for entertainment.  The gym looked like a championship game was being played, decorated with posters and balloons to celebrate the event.

Thanks to the City of Arcadia for supporting the Police and Fire personnel who represented our City very well!  Mayor Gary Kovacic and Mayor Pro Tem Bob Harbicht were in attendance and Mayor Kovacic even tossed up the game tip-off.  Thank you to all in attendance for your support!

Additional photos will be posted on the Arcadia Police Department Facebook page.

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