Thursday, March 24, 2016

Arrest of Package Theft Suspects

The Arcadia Police Department is committed to reducing property crimes by taking a proactive approach to catch criminals as they commit crimes.  The police department has procured a number of GPS tracking devices and placed them in a variety of packages that are left on doorsteps of residences and businesses within the city.  When these packages are stolen the police department is alerted and the packages are tracked.

On March 24, 2015, at approximately 5:15 A.M., Arcadia police officers responded to the southeast portion of the city regarding an alert of a stolen package with a GPS tracker.  Officers tracked the package and determined it was inside of a vehicle in the area.  A traffic stop was conducted and the package was located inside the vehicle. In addition to the stolen package, officers discovered other suspected stolen property, stolen mail from the area, narcotics, and narcotic paraphernalia.  Included in the suspected stolen property was an array of credit cards, checks, identifications, social security cards and other personal identifying information.

The suspects arrested were  Devon Ricco Menendez, 24 years old and Unique Rios, 19 years old both from Canoga Park.  They were  both charged with Grand Theft, Grand Theft Auto, False Impersonation and receiving stolen property.  Suspect Rios is currently on probation for Grand Theft Auto and had an outstanding warrant.  Both suspects are being held in the Arcadia City Jail. 

We would like to remind our community that if you see something that doesn't belong, call us.  Remember If you see something, say something!


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  1. Thank you to the hard working police officers of Arcadia and LA County!