Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekly Tip - When Should I Get My Child a Cell Phone?

A question plaguing many parents is the topic of when to get a cell phone for their child. The answer is not a clear one at all, but rather based on many individual factors about the child and family needs. offers a nice guide with tips and information to consider before diving into a cell phone purchase for your child.

"There are lots of things to think about when parents consider buying kids their first cellphones. Of course the “right time” and the right phone vary by child, his or her maturity level and the family budget. Some parents want their young children to have a phone so they can call or be reached at any time. Others prefer to wait till they're teens. Factors to consider include: whether a child can use a phone with respect for the device, your rules and the people they interact with on it; if he or she can stay within the usage allowances included in the service plan and whether the child knows when to turn the phone off (e.g., at bedtime)."

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