Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sergeant LeVeque's Retirement

Over the years Sergeant Tom LeVeque has had numerous accomplishments, achievements, and milestones.  Today will mark the one of the greatest achievements in his career.  Sergeant LeVeque is set to retire at days end.

Tom started his law enforcement career at the age of 14 as a Police Explorer with the San Marino Police Department.  He became a Captain within the ranks of the Explorer Post before getting hired as a Police Cadet in 1982, when he turned 18.  In 1985 he was hired as a Police Recruit with the San Marino Police Department, and attended the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department police academy Class #225.  Tom served as an officer with San Marino for two years where he developed an interest in traffic collision investigations and DUI enforcement.

In 1987 Tom lateraled to the Arcadia Police Department.  In 1988 Tom became a Field Training Officer and later worked as a traffic officer.  In addition to this assignment, Tom served as an Explorer Advisor for three years.  He was an operator on our SWAT Team from 1990-2001 and was a task force member with LA IMPACT from 1990-1991. 

In 1991, Tom promoted to Sergeant.  He supervised the FTO Program for three years and then the Detective Bureau as the DB Sergeant. In 2003, Tom attended and graduated from the LASD Sherman Block Supervisor Leadership Institute (SLI).  In 2004 he took over as the Traffic Bureau Sergeant through 2008.  Shortly after traffic, Tom was assigned as the DB Sergeant for his second tour.

In 2011, Tom was asked to step in as an Acting Lieutenant and was assigned as the Detective Bureau Commander.  Like everything else in his career, Tom to this to heart and did a great job.  In 2012, Tom returned to his duties as the DB Sergeant.

Tom had an interest in social media and quickly learned how our agency, and others, could benefit in engaging our community through various social media platforms.  He started, right here, with the APD Blog.  That blossomed into APD engaging our community on just about every social media platform out there.  He became our unofficial Social Media Coordinator.   As the Law Enforcement Social Media (or #LESM) following started to catch on, Tom continued to push forward, gaining respect from his peers, but more importantly he opened a door for our community to engage our department. 

Over his 36 years of law enforcement experience Tom was recognized with numerous awards and honors.  Those include being the Arcadia Police Officers Association Officer of the Year twice; the Community Service Ribbon for his part in Video Parking Enforcement and Speed Watch; The Medal of Merit for his field observation of a suspicious vehicle that turned out to be suspects from a murder that had just occurred; and the Life Saving Award. 

Tom was a great cop and sergeant, his experience and dedication will truly be missed.  In the social media class that he teaches, Tom always stresses taking the time to thank those who share our stories, pictures, and information.  Now it’s our turn to thank him.  Thanks Tom for your many years of dedicated service.  We wish you the best in your retirement.

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