Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekly Tip - Back to Basics...Think Before You Share

"For young people, more than anyone else, digital media are all about sharing: whether it’s their thoughts, photos or their latest favourite video, almost all of the devices and platforms that youth use are designed to make it easy for them to share things with their friends."  (Facebook Safety posting, December 4, 2013)

Facebook Safety posted an article in early December 2013, announcing a newly released tip sheet for teens authored on behalf of Facebook and MediaSmarts, a Canadian not-for-profit organization.  The tip sheet  is titled Think Before You Share and has some great information, offering online safety tips for teens. Although the article and tip sheet were marketed for teens, the information is good basic safety practice and advice for anyone.

We often focus on only the "safety" aspects in order to better protect ourselves and family members while online.  One of the Think Before You Share tips goes beyond just personal safety, posing the question, "Is this how I want people to see me?"  This question is one we should all consider when posting or sharing. There is no separation between the physical and digital worlds we live in and our reputation is weighted evenly, both in person and online. Nothing is ever truly "private" and there really is no "undo" button. Please take the time to ask yourself this question, each and every time you post. Remember, it is your reputation! 

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