Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 2013 DUI Crackdown Results

DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint & DUI Saturation Patrol Enforcement Results

From December 15th through December 31st 2013, Officers from the Arcadia Police Department conducted 2 DUI checkpoints, 4 DUI saturation patrols and a warrant sweep operation as part of the California Office of Traffic Safety’sDecember DUI Crackdown.”  Funding for these operations were provided from grants received from the California Office of Traffic Safety as part of the AVOID 100 Multi-Agency DUI Task Force, as well as, a DUI checkpoint and S.T.E.P. grant awarded to the Arcadia Police Department.  Enforcement results are listed below:

2 DUI Checkpoints                                                               4 DUI Patrols
4513—Vehicles passed through the checkpoints                90—Traffic Stops
3662—Vehicles were screened by Officers                         30—Field Sobriety Tests
82—Secondary vehicle Inspections                                      7—DUI Arrests
35—Field Sobriety Tests Conducted                                    2—Possession of Narcotics Arrests
4—DUI Arrests                                                                      1—Minor w/BAC of .05% or more
13—Unlicensed Driver Arrests                                             1—Driver In possession of Marijuana
3—Suspended License Arrests                                             1—Criminal Felony Arrest
2—Warrant Arrests                                                              4—Unlicensed Driver Arrests
3—30 Day Impounds                                                            1—Suspended License Arrest
4—Vehicle Storages                                                             1—Warrant Arrest
                                                                                              1—30 Day Impounds
Warrant Detail                                                                8—Vehicle storages
65—Warrant Services                                                          14—Moving Citations
5—Warrant Arrests                                                              7—Non Moving Citations
The Arcadia Police Department would like to remind everyone of the dangers associated with drunk driving.  If you drink, please use a sober designated driver.  Let’s make 2014 the safest year yet; don’t drink and drive.  Happy New Year!

Robert T. Guthrie
Chief of Police

By: Brett Bourgeous
Traffic Sergeant

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