Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekly Tip - What is a "Sharrow"?

"Sharrows" or Shared Lane Markings (SLMs) are pavement markings installed to direct bicyclists where to ride on roadways shared with motor vehicles. The SLM is typically used along corridors with insufficient width for bike lanes. The marking is intended to direct bicyclists in terms of positioning, provide guidance to motorists for awareness of bicyclist presence, and reduce the chance of bicyclists striking abruptly opened doors of motor vehicles on a shared roadway with on-street parking.

Sharrows are currently in use in some California cities and are being considered for use in others.  Locally, Sharrows are used in areas of Los Angeles and some beach communities. South Pasadena received a grant to fund a Sharrow and bicycle project along Mission Street earlier this year.

Here are some articles on the topic:
If you come upon a marked Sharrow lane, remember to drive safely, share the road, and bicyclists are able to occupy the entire lane.

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