Friday, July 19, 2013

Nixle Message Types and Adjusting Your Settings

The Arcadia Police Department News & Information Blog is a great way to stay informed on up to date info from your Police Department. But, we also offer emergency alert, advisory, traffic, and community information that can be sent directly to your cellular phone and email. This service is provided FREE to you and free to local governments (emergency notification) nationwide by Nixle. Nixle is operated in conjunction with NLETS, an international public safety information network providing secure, authenticated messaging.

The information distributed through Nixle is controlled by personnel at the Arcadia Police Department. Notifications or alerts of an emergent nature, community or City information, traffic or road closures, crime information, are just some of the examples of what can be communicated to the residents who subscribe to Nixle. The information can be sent to the entire user group or a specified target area based on locations related to the information. For example, a crime bulletin may be sent to a particular neighborhood or a specified radius, such as within a ¼ mile of the target address or area.

There are two ways to "subscribe" to the Arcadia Police Nixle alerts and notification. In order to receive just emergency alerts, you can text your zip code, 91006 or 91007, to the law enforcement Nixle number of 888777 on your text capable cell phone. You will receive a confirmation text in response letting you know that you are set-up properly. This will work for any zip code so long as the local agency or county is participating in Nixle. You may incur text related charges but that is based upon your personal cellular plan. This type of enrollment limits your notifications to emergency alerts to your cell phone only!

The more complete and informative way to subscribe to our Nixle page is to register on-line at By subscribing via the web, you will be able to receive all messages from the Arcadia Police Department. Once you subscribe to the Arcadia Community Wire, there are settings that allow you to select things such as the time of day that you may be notified and also types of notifications you receive. (See below)

(Settings allow you to select types of messages and method of delivery)

(Account allows to you select time of day messages will be sent to your phone)

By using Nixle, the Arcadia Police Department adds another valuable tool that allows us to better communicate and share information with our community. Use of Nixle is in addition to conventional notifications, meetings, bulletins, news releases, and other forms of communication. We look forward to sharing information with you!

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