Monday, December 5, 2011

Warming Center Open till Midnight at Community Center

Below is the latest update from the City regarding the severe wind event.  Please make note of the entire update, but in particular, overnight parking enforcement is suspended through the evening of December 9th, and the Community Center will be open till midnight tonight as a "Warming Center."

Update on Arcadia Windstorm Recovery

Posted Date: 12/5/2011

December 5 @ 2:42pm - Work on windstorm clean-up continues. The damage in Arcadia is substantial. The City’s Emergency Operations Center was opened early December 1 and a “State of Emergency” has been declared. While much progress has been made in clearing major streets for travel, it will take a considerable amount of time to address all of the power line, tree and traffic signal problems.

The first step once the winds hit last week was to assess the damage citywide and then to get to work on the most critical problems, handling emergency and public safety issues first, followed by removal and clean-up. The Public Works Services Department, along with crews from other government agencies and private companies worked over the weekend and will continue to work on clean-up and restoration, again on a priority basis.

The City is aware that there are still pockets of Arcadia without power. We are in contact with Southern California Edison and have impressed upon them the need to not only restore the power as quickly as possible, but also to provide us and their customers with information about when power is expected to return. If you or someone you know is without electricity and in need of a warm place to stay for a while, or you need to charge cell phones or computers, the Arcadia Community Center will be open tonight (December 5) until midnight as a warming center.

Please be advised that Waste Management will conduct normal trash service on Wednesday, December 7, as long as the bins can be accessed by their vehicles. Your trash, recycling and greenwaste bins should be placed in their usual location. Waste Management will not pick up tree limbs and debris. Removal and clearing of trees not in the public right-of-way is the responsibility of the property owner. If you are hiring a private company to cut or remove a tree, make sure the company is licensed and that they remove all of the debris.

Enforcement of City of Arcadia overnight parking regulations is suspended through the evening of December 9.

Please be aware that fallen power lines are very dangerous. Call 911 to report the line and do not touch it under any circumstances.

There are seven dark intersections in Arcadia at this time. These intersections should be treated as a “four-way” stop.

Wilderness Park is closed until further notice.

Emergency situations should always be reported to 911. Non-emergency calls and service requests should be directed to (626) 256-6554 or (626) 256-6650.


  1. what do i do about palm fronds?

  2. Debris on private property should be removed by the property owner. Palm fronds should fall under green waste. Waste Mgt may have additional carts available if you call. I will try and get info on any City drop-off area if available. Non-emergency calls and service requests should be directed to Public Works at (626) 256-6554 or (626) 256-6650.