Monday, December 5, 2011

Latest Wind Event Update - Sunday, Dec 4, 4:00 PM

Below is the latest News Release update from the City of Arcadia Public Works Department.  You can access updates from this past weekend on either the APD Nixle page or Facebook page.


Power Restoration and Street Clearance Efforts Ongoing; Numerous Tree, Debris and Power Line Hazards Remain in Arcadia

December 4, 2011

4:00 p.m.


City staff and outside crews have substantially cleared major streets for travel, with the exception of Colorado Blvd. from Michillinda through to Santa Anita Avenue. Crews continue to work diligently to clear local streets of blockages and hazards throughout the community. The primary focus remains public safety and access throughout the City. Crews will transition to local street clearance as soon as they can.

To date, no major injuries have been reported. All but 9 signalized intersections have been restored. Temporary stop signs have been placed at the signalized intersections that are not currently working.

Mutual Aid has been requested from Los Angeles County to assist with the clearance/clean up efforts.

Please Be Cautious. Numerous hazards from fallen trees, power lines and debris still exist due to the severe winds. Please be aware of your surroundings and be extra cautious when driving to avoid injury or accident.

Remember to dial 911 for emergencies only. All non-emergency calls or request for service calls should be directed to Public Works Services Department at (626) 256-6554 or (626) 256-6650. During evening hours, please contact the Police Department Dispatch at (626) 574-5123. Please be patient as staff has been receiving a very large volume of calls and requests. Public Works is coordinating with Edison and other agencies as necessary and is working throughout the community.

Below are the most recent updates on the following topics:

Southern CA Edison – Power

Southern CA Edison is still working on power restoration. Power has been restored in areas throughout the City throughout the day, but many Arcadians are still without power. According to Edison, Arcadia and Temple City were hit the hardest so full service in Arcadia may not be restored until Monday, December 5, 2011. For more information and status reports from Edison, please call (800) 655-4555.

The City appreciates the community’s patience and support during these difficult circumstances. We also encourage you to communicate with and check on your neighbors who might have unmet needs due to lack of power.

If you encounter a downed power line – DO NOT TOUCH the line! Notify authorities immediately. A downed line or dangling wire is dangerous — even if it appears not to be live. Please be aware that once areas are re-energized, lines may become live.

Trees/Debris Removal and Incident Statistics

To date, Public Works has received the following reported incidents:

• 475 – 500 trees down

• 129 downed wires

• 61 structures damaged

• 28 vehicles damaged

Please remember that removal and clearing of trees that are not in the public right-of-way is the responsibility of the owner. If you do consider hiring private companies/vendors to cut or remove trees, please ensure they are licensed and bonded companies and that they remove all debris from the property.

Public Works Services Staff will take care of removing and clearing City-owned trees within public right-of-way and are moving as quickly as they can in taking care of this issue. Please be aware that City crews cannot remove trees or debris in the right-of-way if power lines are involved. Edison crews must first ensure it is safe to perform removal services.

Street Closures

The following street segments still remain closed:

• W/B Colorado at Santa Anita

• Longden closed between Holly and Baldwin

• Colorado Place between Colorado Bl and Huntington (north bound only)

• The 1100 blk. S. 5th

• La Cadena between Huntington and Fairview

Event/Facility Updates

• The Arcadia Unified School District reports that all schools will be back in session Monday, December 5, 2011, with the exception of Longley Way and Highland Oaks elementary schools. Please see the AUSD website for additional updates.

• The Community Center will be open on Monday, December 5, 2011.

• Wilderness Park is closed until further notice.

• Arcadia Public Library is closed until further notice.

• The County Arboretum and Park is closed until further notice.

By: Jason Kruckeberg, Assistant City Manager

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