Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekly Tip - Double Parking

With school in session, double parking abounds on many roads near our schools. It is not uncommon to stop a parent and have them not understand what "double parking" means. The usual response is that they were "just dropping off" their student. Double parking is the simple act of stopping in a lane of traffic where a parked vehicle is present. Whether you place your car in "park", allow someone to enter or exit your vehicle, or simply are "waiting" on the street; you may be in violation of CVC 22500(h). By blocking the lane or causing other vehicle to slow or stop behind you, may also be the moving violation of Impeding Traffic, CVC 22400(a).

Double parking and allowing a passenger in or out of your car is a safety hazard. This type of violation is a common target of our Video Enforcement Program. Take a look. Pedestrians in the roadway pose a danger to themselves. Help improve traffic safety around our schools and keep our students safe - DO NOT DOUBLE PARK!

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