Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stay Informed!

The Arcadia Police Department street banner was hung above Baldwin Avenue at Huntington Drive earlier this week.  The banner is a part of our efforts to engage and reach out to the community through our use of various social media and instant communication platforms.  One of the goals of this participation is to enhance our ability to communicate with the community.  Through participation, the community becomes better informed as to the activity in their neighborhoods, information about the City, and we are able to build channels of communication with our citizens before crime, emergencies, or disasters strike.

Follow us on Twitter @ArcadiaPD or stop by our Facebook page.  Visit Nixle and sign-up for free alerts and messages sent directly to your email, along with texts sent to your cell phone, direct from the Department.  Our Nixle messages will include notifications like police activity, gas leaks, school lock downs, road closures, traffic information, community events, and much more.

The Public Information and Resources page on the Arcadia Police Department website has links to these and other programs offered by the Department, such as Crime Mapping, A Child is Missing, Online crime reporting, Weekly Activity Reports, and Crime Stoppers Submit a Tip.

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