Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Metro Gold Line I-210 Bridge Construction

Construction on the I-210 Gold Line Bridge has begun. The bridge is the first element of the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension light rail project to move from final design to construction. The I-210 Bridge is scheduled to be completed in July 2012. The entire Foothill extension from Pasadena to Azusa is scheduled to be completed by early 2015.

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Construction Authority has excellent information available on-line at, and specifically, an information flyer that details detour routes on Foothill Boulevard in Arcadia. The flyer can be found HERE.  The flyer also provides the community directions on how to receive periodic updates from the project. The project hotline is (855) 446-1160.

Currently, traffic may be impacted during overnight hours, approximately midnight to 5:00 a.m. Eastbound freeway traffic may be diverted to Foothill Boulevard between Sierra Madre Villa in Pasadena, and Santa Anita Avenue in Arcadia. Closed freeway on-ramps may include Rosemead Boulevard, Michillinda Avenue, and Baldwin Avenue, according to the project map. HOV and the #1 (left) lanes are impacted in the current phase of the project. In the event of a closure, eastbound traffic will be closed between Baldwin Avenue and Santa Anita Avenue.

You can also view a video with project information on YouTube HERE.

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