Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekly Tip - Speed Trap?

Officers are often asked questions about speeding and speed enforcement. The best answer is to obey the speed limits and you will never have a problem. Too often, drivers feel that because the "flow" of traffic is faster, or "everyone" is speeding, then it is perhaps OK to drive fast. The DMV does a nice job of summarizing and explaining speed limits in California.

A phrase that is often tossed around and usually not understood is "speed trap". Many drivers feel that when a speed limit appears to be posted too low or an Officer is perceived to be "hiding", then this equates to a speed trap. Not so. California and Federal law dictate how roadway speed limits are posted. If radar or laser is used for speed enforcement, roadways require speed surveys. Contrary to what a particular website will profess, the usual belief that you have fallen victim to a speed trap is false. Arcadia has many entries on the site and it demonstrates that we are making an impact with high visibility enforcement.

For questions about traffic related activity or requests for directed enforcement in a particular area, call the APD Traffic Bureau at (626) 574-5475.

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