Friday, June 11, 2010

Attempted Residential Burglary

Yesterday at about 10:45 am, our victim heard her doorbell ring and glanced out to see a male subject that she did not know, standing at her door. The victim did not answer the door and the male walked across the street to a parked car. He returned moments later with a second male and rang the door bell again. The men walked to a nearby kitchen window and pulled the screen partially out of the track. The victim yelled out to the suspects who then turned and walked quickly away, entering the car and leaving. The crime occurred in the 1600 block of La Ramada Avenue, just south of Sierra Madre Boulevard. The victim was only able to describe the suspects as possibly Hispanics in their 20's, one being heavyset, both wearing dark clothing, and driving a white 4-door sedan.

This is a good reminder of the importance in keeping an eye on your neighborhood. Suspects will knock on doors or ring a door bell an attempts to find homes that are unoccupied. It is not uncommon for additional suspects to wait in nearby vehicles as look-outs, drivers, or simply waiting for their partner suspect to identify their target. Don't hesitate to call the police should you see suspicious persons or vehicles near your home. Record license plates and descriptions if you can and always be a good witness!

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