Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Public Safety Communications Take Center Stage at Santa Anita

The Raytheon Company rolled into Arcadia today with a 53' trailer equipped with a state of the art Civil Communications system. The demonstration used radio equipment brought to the location by various Public Safety agencies that were linked together in seamless communication by Raytheon's Civil Communication system. "Radio interoperability" allows communication and information sharing between agencies that do not share frequencies, have various forms of communication equipment and often operate on different frequency bands. In the event of mutual aid events, disasters or simply a major public safety operation, it is imperative that personnel be able to communicate. Technology now allows Law Enforcement and other safety personnel to benefit from true interoperable communications. Arcadia Police Chief Bob Sanderson coordinated the event which was attended by Law Enforcement personnel from throughout the San Gabriel Valley. The cost of this type of system is high for a single municipality, however, grants and resource sharing throughout a region can make it feasable. Read a recent article in PoliceOne on the topic HERE.

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  1. Wonderful to see Arcadia's finest taking the lead on this crucial and singularly important technology. Thank you Chief Sanderson!

    Gene Glasco