Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weekly Tip - Missing Facebook Notifications

To our loyal Facebook fans: we'd like to ask you to consider changing your Facebook notification settings so that you continue to see our content in your News Feed.

Facebook changes its algorithm from time to time, which tweaks how many of our "fans" actually have our posts show up in their News Feed. We, like many of our partner police agencies across the country with whom we regularly correspond, have noticed a remarkable DROP in the reach of our posts over the past several weeks after what appears to be another algorithm change.

We're very concerned about this, because Facebook is one of the several social media platforms we use for emergency communications. We would hate for you to expect to see an emergency notification from us on Facebook, only to have their algorithm determine that you don't get to see it.

To see what we mean, go check out our Facebook page itself, and scroll through our recent posts over the past couple of months. We predict you won't have seen the vast majority of these posts in your feed.

If you'd like to combat this and ensure that you are seeing all of our content when we post it, select the "see first" option on our Facebook home page. From a computer, hover over the "like" button on our home page, then select the "see first" option and set your Notifications to "On (All Posts)." From a mobile device, hit the "follow" button on our home page, then select the "see first" option.

We'd urge you to follow the same procedure for any other Facebook pages on which you depend for accurate, timely public safety information.

Thanks for reading. We appreciate your support here on social media.

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