Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Random Act of Kindness Project

This "Magic" wand was dropped off at APD yesterday by a student from Highland Oaks Elementary School here in Arcadia. Attached to the wand is a challenge note, asking the holder to participate in a "Magic Act of Kindness" and complete a random act of kindness for someone in our community and then pass the wand along. The students are tracking their project and asking folks to email a description and photo of their random acts to the Highland Oaks Student Council at hostudentcouncil@gmail.com.

You don't need the actual wand to participate! I bet the students would gladly accept emails and pics of any random act of kindness...after all, isn't that part of the magic? Pass it along!

Our Team 2 Day Shift crew is on it. We'll post a pic later today. 


Team 2 took up the challenge for a random "Magic Act of Kindness" from students at Highland Oaks Elementary School. The team bought a box of pastries and goodies for our hardworking partners at Methodist Hospital of Southern California ER who always have our backs. We hope this small token and random act brighten their day! Pass it on!

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