Thursday, February 18, 2016

Officers Honored for Saving the Life of a Despondent Teen

Officer Wally Ashby and Sergeant Jeremy Lachenmyer were honored at this past City Council meeting for saving the life of a despondent teen.

Chief Bob Guthrie described the event that took place in the evening hours on October 5, 2015 during the officer's patrol shift. Officer Ashby came across a 15-year-old, despondent runaway, who had made her way to the railing of the overpass of the 210 freeway over Santa Anita Avenue. The girl was seated on the railing facing the roadway below.

Officer Ashby radioed for assistance and Sergeant Lachenmyer arrived. The pair engaged the girl in conversation, distracting her while maneuvering themselves into a position of advantage in order to prevent the girl from jumping. Officer Ashby was able to get close to the teen, telling her he was directing traffic around them on the freeway. When he was close enough, Officer Ashby grabbed the girl and was helped by Sergeant Lachenmyer to pull her off and away from the railing. The teen was unharmed due to the actions of these officers.

We are proud of the actions of Officer Ashby and Sergeant Lachenmyer and join in saying congratulations and job well done!

The presentation can be viewed during the taped broadcast of the Council Meeting HERE. The presentation begins at about minute 12:00 of the meeting.

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  1. Good job, officers!There are more of you good ones, than not so good! Thank you for your service!