Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weekly Tip - Give Your Alarm a Check-up!

Do you have an alarm on your home or business? Have you had a false activation or problems with the alarm? If you have invested in an alarm, you must remember to check the equipment to make sure all is working properly. If you have a problem, please get the alarm repaired. Not only will you avoid "false alarm" fees, but you will better protect your property.

Officers responding to a residential burglary alarm were recently cancelled by the homeowner before they arrived. The homeowner was not at the residence, but chose to cancel the police for unknown reasons. Perhaps it was due to the belief all was well at home, or maybe the homeowner has experienced issues with the alarm...we don't know. But, when the homeowner returned home a short time later, they discovered the home had actually been burgled.

Please use your alarms and check them regularly. Is it time for a check-up on your system? The City requires annual alarm permits. Use the permit renewal as a prompt to check the status of your system. By maintaining the equipment, you reduce false alarms, help keep your property safe, and it also provides us with current contact information for your residence and alarm company should there be an issue while you are away.

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