Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Secure Your Third Row Seats!

Several cities in the area have been experiencing an increased number of thefts targeting third row seats from full sized SUVs. The thieves break into a vehicle, remove the third row seats, and often sell them for profit.

The Arcadia Police Department offers the following tips to prevent these types of thefts:

  • When you aren't using the third row seats, leave them at home.
  • Check with your car dealership to see if they offer third row seat anti-theft devices.
  • Use a lock (ie: bicycle cable lock or third row seat lock) to secure the seat to the floor of the vehicle.  Using the lock will make it more of a challenge for the thief and if visible may prevent some thieves from attempting to take the seats.
  • Engrave your seat with an identification number such as your driver's license or vehicle license plate number.  These seats are not serialized and having an identification number will make identification possible.  
  • During the hours of darkness, park in a well lit area.  
The thefts of third row seats are occurring in both residential and commercial areas, often during the hours of darkness.  Please take these tips into consideration if you own an SUV that has third row seats. 

Remember, If You See Something, Say Something.  Please call us and report suspicious activity.  


  1. Considering the amount of recent burglaries on our street, it would be great if we saw increased police patrolling in the neighborhood. Then the Arcadia Police Department could "see something, say something"

  2. Really? Who cares If car seats are being ripped off? Our homes are being burglarized left and right and there is no increased police presence on our Oaks neighborhood.