Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Patch for APD Uniforms

You won't see yellow or gold thread on shoulder patches of  Arcadia Police Officers any longer.  Our uniform standards were updated and changes were implemented this past Sunday, August 12, 2012.  The most notable difference is in color modifications to the uniform patch, from the bright multi-color threads to the more subtle, silver and black color scheme.  The last major change to the Arcadia Police Department shoulder patch came decades ago when the City of Arcadia became known as the "Community of Homes", formerly named the "Queen City".  The patches for all sworn and full-time  members have been changed and the older style shoulder patch will be phased out for our volunteer staff in the near future.

Arcadia Police Officers have worn dark blue uniforms since late 1986 when the Department swapped out the tan uniform for a more industry standard blue.  Other uniform modifications over the years have included several badge changes from the old style "eagle" badge to a more contemporary shield, as well as a centennial star badge worn in 2003.

This type of change is not done overnight.  A committee of personnel representing both sworn and non-sworn members of the Department worked in excess of a year to make recommendations for both physical and policy modifications for our uniforms.  Uniformity, safety, cost, accessibility, and tradition were some of the many considerations made by the group and by Chief Bob Guthrie.  Congrats and thank you on a job well done!

(Shift change, Sunday, August 12, 2012, retirement of gold/yellow shoulder patch.)

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