Monday, August 1, 2011

Great Send Off for Retired Chief Bob Sanderson

About 220 people gathered last Thursday night, July 28, 2011, in the infield at the Santa Anita Race Track to bid farewell to Retired Police Chief Bob Sanderson.  After 36 years of service to the community and law enforcement, Bob is entering a new chapter in his life.  Bob began his career as a Law Enforcement Police Explorer with Arcadia Post #101 in 1975.  He later became a Cadet and ultimately an Arcadia Police Officer in 1982.  Bob worked his way through the ranks and was appointed Police Chief in 2005.

Family, friends, fellow police chiefs, co-workers, and community members, gathered to honor Chief Sanderson.  Words to describe Bob that were repeated throughout the night included: Leader, Friend, Mentor, Community Servant, and many more.  Mayor Gary Kovacic praised the Chief and presented him with an award, followed by Council Members Bob Harbicht, Mickey Segal, and Roger Chandler, each speaking to Bob's career.  City Manager Don Penman, who announced his pending retirement earlier this week, presented Chief Sanderson with his retirement badge and identification.

In addition to the praises and many presentations, Bob was treated to a little humor by retired Arcadia Police Agent Bruce Smith, the evening's Master of Ceremonies.  Bruce made a couple of costume changes to pay tribute to two of Bob's interests, Elvis Presley and the Star Trek Series.  Bruce dressed in an Elvis costume and later as Spock from Star Trek.  Each act drew some great laughs from the crowd.

Chief Sanderson is sure to succeed in retirement and can now relax with his wife, Marie, and their three sons.  Best of luck, Chief...we'll miss you!

Be sure to visit the Arcadia Police Department Facebook page to see some additional photos.

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