Thursday, June 9, 2011

Live Beyond Graduation

The Arcadia Police Department would like to congratulate the Arcadia High School graduating class of 2011. We realize that this is an exciting time of life and should be celebrated.  However, we encourage all to celebrate responsibly and remind each student to “Live Beyond Graduation” by not drinking and driving. Furthermore, we would like to remind young drivers of the dangers associated with Texting While Driving and other Distracted Driving practices (Talking on the cell phone, eating, applying makeup, etc). Enjoy this exciting time of your life, but please show consideration to yourself and others by driving in a responsible and safe manner.

The APD Traffic Bureau has placed our electronic message sign adjacent to the Arcadia High School with the following message:

Live Beyond Graduation, Don’t Drink and Drive.  No Texting While Driving  No Distracted Driving

Sgt. Brett Bourgeous
APD Traffic Bureau

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