Thursday, August 12, 2010

Notice to Arcadia Residents Regarding Coyotes

The City of Arcadia has hired Animal Pest Management, Inc. (APM) to conduct a coyote trapping program within City limits, excluding the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Santa Anita Racetrack. This step is being taken to address increased sightings of aggressive coyotes in residential neighborhoods that are entering yards, attacking pets and in general showing little or no fear of humans. Please be aware that trapping is not intended to – and will not – result in all coyotes being removed from our neighborhoods. Wildlife is part of Arcadia and other foothill communities and residents should be mindful of this and take precautions.

The program is currently authorized for twelve, ten-day trapping periods, the first of which will begin the week of August 16. To report a coyote sighting, please call Animal Pest Management directly at 800-344-6567 and be as specific as possible with regard to the location; an exact address is preferable. APM will monitor the calls to determine the most populated areas and will place traps in strategic locations according to noted activity and public consideration. The devices are of the humane foot-snare type approved by the California Department of Fish and Game and they will be checked on a daily basis during the designated trapping period.

If it is necessary to place traps on private property, APM will require the written approval of the property owner and they will notify neighbors within 150 yards of the involved property.

If you find yourself in a situation where there is an immediate threat to a person, please call 9-1-1, not Animal Pest Management.

We encourage you and your neighbors to heed the following advice:

 Do not leave small children outside unsupervised.
 Never feed wildlife. Dispose of garbage in secure containers and do not leave garbage, pet food, water, or food waste in accessible areas.
 Use securely enclosed compost binds and do not dispose of meat, dairy or egg products in compost.
 If you have fruit trees, pick fruit as soon as it is ripe and remove any fallen fruit from the ground.
 Reduce the use of bird feeders. Clean up seed that has fallen to the ground.
 Do not leave cats and small dogs outside unattended.
 Clear bushes and/or weeds close to your home where animals might seek cover.
 Spay or neuter your dogs.
 Consider installing motion-sensitive lighting around the house.
 If followed by a coyote, make loud noises, throw rocks in the animal’s direction, spray it with a hose or rapidly open an umbrella in their direction. The City of Arcadia thanks you for your cooperation.

For full details, go to

Contact Information: Animal Pest Management 800-344-6567

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